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Q. Why won’t my doctor see me for an automobile injury?

A. Doctors may not receive payment for years, and sometimes litigation is involved. It’s simply the practice of many good, caring doctors to avoid these particular situations.

Q. What’s third party?

A. We define third party as an attempt to file on automobile insurance that doesn’t belong to you.

Q. Do your doctors file third party?

A. Some do. All offer billing options, so you don’t have any out-of-pocket expense.

Q. The accident wasn’t my fault and I’ve been told I have to use my insurance. Why?

A. Third party claims can take years to settle and sometimes involve litigation. If this is your circumstance, you’ll be given a few options and this might be one of them.

Q. Will using my own PIP (personal injury protection) affect my driving record or premiums?

A. No. Your insurance company may and often does recoup their money from the at-fault insured.

Q. I’ve been hurt at work. Why can’t I file on my health insurance?

A. Health insurance will not pay for a work-related injury, unless workers compensation has denied your claim.

Q. Won’t my employer feel disgruntled if I file a workers compensation claim?

A. Employers understand workers compensation laws and most will want you to be taken care of and return to work as a productive employee.

Q. Why won’t my regular doctor see me for a work-related injury?

A. In a nutshell, the paperwork is a nightmare. Doctors who take work-related injuries usually have specially-trained staff members equipped to handle it.