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First Steps After An Accident

A few years ago, my parents were driving with my young son in their car and they were hit by a semi right in front on me. I was standing in front of my office and they pulled out just as the semi was changing lanes. Thankfully, no one was hurt! But, they were all a little shaken and had trouble deciding what to do first. Here’s a list of things to do after an accident.

Take Pictures.

Take pictures of the crash scene, the people and vehicles involved, the license plate or plates.

Stay calm.

If you’re able, get out of traffic and find a safe place to wait for help to arrive.

Remain still, so as not to aggravate any injuries.

Try to take deep breaths and accept help from bystanders.

Call the police.

Call 911.

Insist that police come to the scene of the crash and file a report.

Make sure the officer provides you with a copy of the report.

Don’t refuse medical treatment.

Never refuse assistance from a paramedic or EMT. You may not realize that you’re injured, since your adrenaline is elevated in the aftermath of a crash.

Leave the bike! If you have your bike and need to be transported to the hospital, ask someone to lock up your bike for you nearby, or call a friend to retrieve it.

Call your insurance agent or company to inform them an accident has occurred.

The other party’s insurance company may call you to ask for a recorded statement about your crash. You don’t have to give a statement. It’s strongly advised that you seek legal advice prior to speaking with another insurance company.

Gather witnesses information.

Driver’s license information.

Insurance policy information.

License plate information.

Names and contact information of the driver and witnesses.

Contact us. 817-487-1066 or 214-499-6468

Stay safe out there!

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