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I live in the Rocky Mountains, in a relatively isolated area on a creek, and to get here, you have to wind around numerous narrow curves. At least once or twice a month a driver has whipped around someone on one of these curves and I always wonder if they have any idea at the minimal amount of seconds that separated them from death. Or worse, how their recklessness endangered the innocent lives of others.



I get it that we sometimes are in a hurry. I am, too. But think about this: most of the place we’re traveling to are within 10 to 20 miles. If you fly around someone or tailgate them, you’re going to arrive at your destination perhaps TWO MINUTES sooner. It isn’t worth it!

Of course, the problem really isn’t that logical. Even when we know we aren’t going to gain a lot of time, that slow driver in front of us still bugs us. We’re driving along at a certain speed and we want to maintain it. It’s just the way we drive.

So do this: turn on the radio and get your mind off of that driver in front of you. Think about your fun plans for the weekend. Sing along to the music. Driving safely can be more about your mental and emotional state than it is about your need to get somewhere quickly, so get your attention off of that driver! You may not be driving to an enjoyable place right at the moment, but you will be soon. Imagine you’re relaxed and driving there now.

For everyone’s sake, find a safe place to pass another car or better yet, enjoy the moment.

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